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  1. Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany

  2. International Students – Living Cost in Germany (2021)


More articles related to Why Study in Germany are in pipeline and will be released soon.

Germany has over 400 universities and thousands of study programs. There are plenty of search portals where you can find universities and study programs. This makes it overwhelming and can be a time-consuming process.

In the second week of April 2021, we have scheduled to release a free guide that will make shortlisting German universities and study programs a lot easier. 

But that's not all. This guide is the first step towards an innovation that modern times require.

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  1. For German study visa information please visit the official websites of your concerned embassies and consulates. Here you can find the list of German embassies and consulates around the world.
  2. For general requirements you can download our study in Germany guide for free at the end of this page.
  3. We are bringing you a guide that can help you prepare all the requirements for German student visa timely and have a successful visa interview experience.
  4. For travel insurance as one of the requirements the German student visa check this article:


Travel Insurance for German Student Visa (2021) – Complete Guide


Apply For Travel Insurance Here >>

Disclaimer: The visa totally depends on your concerned embassy or consulates. We only help you prepare the requirements smoothly e.g. you can apply for German travel insurance required for your visa through us. Below you can read more about the travel insurance requirements.

You must get a health insurance to enroll at German university and extend your visa after arrival. There are two types of health insurance providers in Germany:

  1. Public (governmental) Health Insurance - Recommended for international students
  2. Private Health Insurance - Recommended for international student age more than 30 years


To find the best fit for your health insurance read this article: German Health Insurance For International Students 


To get you German health insurance from the top providers apply online through Leazear. Easy, fast and reliable. 

Choose and Apply for German Student Health Insurance here >> 

  1. Here is a complete travel guide for international students planning or arriving in Germany in 2021


The above guide is explaining:

  • Whether you should plan your  journey in 2021 and how your journey will look like.
  • How is the Covid-19 situation in Germany.
  • What is the jobs situation in Germany right now.
  • Online enrollment and online classes.
  • What should be your steps if you are coming to Germany for summer semester or start from your home country.

Note: You must do a compulsory quarantine of 10 days when you arrive from abroad in Germany. Your accommodation provider may not allow you to do quarantine, so you should already arrange a place for the first 10 days.

More such guides are planned to be released in the coming weeks to help you plan your each step smartly.

Make sure you have already got accommodation before arrival. As soon as you arrive in Germany, you have to complete a few bureaucratic steps to settle and start your studies in Germany.

For details about each step, download the Free 'Study Masters in Germany Guide' you find at the end of this page.

International students are allowed to work 20 hrs/week (240 half days or 120 full days in a year). This helps you to earn enough to cover your expenses.


Below are the complete articles explaining student jobs in Germany

  1. Working as an International Student in Germany

  2. Student Jobs in German Universities – HiWi Guide

Every university and study program has different requirements and the application process can vary. The process itself is complicated and the steps to take are not always clear about what and how to do next - from shortlisting study programs over the admission and visa process until arrival and finding students jobs.


Our experts have guided countless international students like yourself through each step and can help you wherever in the process you are.

You can reach out to us any time and we try our best to respond as soon as possible:

Student Guidance Services Here >>


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Everything you need to get your visa for studying in Germany.


You need admission at a university to get the German student visa. Leazear's experts will help you to prepare for successful university applications.


A German student health insurance is required to enrol at your chosen university in Germany. You can get it fast and easy online via us.


Your travel or incoming insurance must meet certain requirements in order to be accepted by the German embassy or consulate. We got you covered.


The 'proof of sufficient financial means' is one requirement for the German student visa. A blocked account is an easy and proven solution for that.


How to apply for master programs and study in Germany

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