German Free* Travel Insurance and Bonus For International Students (2021)

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We have designed a special package for the benefit of international students who are applying for a German student visa.

If you are reading this article, you might know that German embassies and consulates require travel insurance for the student visa. If you want to know why it is required please read this article about Travel Insurance for German Student Visa (2021). In this article, I would be explaining how can you get free* travel insurance, a bonus of up to 34 euros or even both free* travel insurance + a bonus up to 21 euros. Sounds exciting right! because we are a startup and we want to catch the eyes of international students coming to Germany. We are excited too for being helpful to the international students who have made it through a lot of hassle. We have been through the same journey and we acknowledge it’s not easy. After helping countless international students, we know all the tiny details and we gonna make it a lot easier with Leazear. Anyway, congratulations on getting admission to a German university and we hope to see you sometime somewhere in Germany. And for that, let’s prepare you for the German student visa.

Please note: you are only eligible for free* travel insurance, refund, or bonus if you get public health insurance through Leazear.

In that case you gonna fit any of the following packages

How Can I Get Free* Travel Insurance From Leazear?

You are only eligible for free* travel insurance if you get public health insurance through the Leazear website. Once you enrol at the German university with the health insurance certificate provided to you via our public health insurance partner i.e. TK, Barmer or DAK, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid upfront for travel insurance.

How Can I Apply for Travel Insurance for my Student Visa

Visit our travel insurance page, click on get travel insurance, you’ll be redirected to Mawista’s travel insurance form. Fill and complete the form, at the end you are required to pay with PayPal, master, or credit card. You’ll receive a confirmation certificate right away that you can submit at the embassy.

How is the travel insurance free if I already paid and when do I get the bonus:

It’s simple. Once you reach Germany and activate your bank account, enroll at the German university with the provided health insurance certificate. Your travel insurance will be expired right away from the date of enrollment and public health insurance will start automatically. You’ll provide us with your enrollment certificate online and your German bank account details to which we have to send the reimbursed amount. We’ll count your days as explained in the table below:

This package is only for the summer semester of 2021. In the coming weeks are bringing another package.

Imagine you get the 3 months (92 days) package, initially, you would pay 95 euros and you have the 34 euros claim for public health insurance when you apply through us.

  • No. of days travel insurance used = date of arrival till enrollment date
  • Amount returned to you = Travel Insurance cost + Leazear Bonus (€34) – No. of days travel insurance used

Note: If you enrolled online and arrived in Germany after enrollment, the no. of days would be counted up to 8 (as in bracket 1)

BracketsNo. of days travel insurance usedAmount to be returned or not returned
1up to 8 days95+34-13 = 116 euros
2up to 15 days95+34-19 = 110 euros
3up to 31 days95+34-34 = 95 euros
4up to 45 days95+34-49 = 80 euros
5up to 62 days95+34-67 = 62 euros
6up to 92 days95+34-95 = 34 euros
7up to 183 days95+34-199 = -70 euros (this will not be returned)
This package is designed to provide an equal opportunity to every incoming international student

What if I don’t have a PayPal, master or credit card, how can pay for the travel insurance?

Our partner for travel insurance only accepts these payment systems. If you cannot pay with these payment methods we suggest getting the travel insurance from your home country that is accepted by the German embassy. Please check the embassy website in your country and you’ll find a list of travel insurances being accepted by the embassy.

Will I receive a 34 Euros Bonus if I Get Travel Insurance From my Home Country?

That’s also fine and less work for us. If you got your travel insurance from any provider in Germany or your home country (make sure it is accepted by the German embassy as explained above), and your public health insurance through Leazear, you’ll get a 34 euros bonus as soon as you activate your bank account and enroll at the German university with the provided health insurance certificate you got from getting insurance via us.

With our package explained above we are becoming a new favorite for incoming international students with every passing day.

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Table of Contents

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