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Uni-assist is an intermediary between international students and German universities. It assists and handles applications for students with international education certificates. 180 German universities evaluate student’s applications through uni-assist. Uni-assist first evaluates the applicant’s education certificate and if the result is positive then they forward the application to the university you wish to apply to. Below we provide all the information you need to know on how to apply to German universities through Uni-assist.

There is going to be more important information added to this guide. Keep visiting to stay updated.

1. Go Through Information

Check Eligibility Criteria

When applying for a master’s degree, first you need to know if your high school certificate and previous university are recognized in Germany. And if your bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a German bachelor’s degree. To find out, go to Anabin website and check.

Is Your Prospective University Accepts Applications Through Uni-Assist?

If you are eligible to study master’s in Germany, visit uni-assist website and check whether the university you are intending to apply to accept applications through uni-assist. Click “Tools” on the menu bar of the website, then click “uni-assist universities”. Here you will be provided a list of universities that accept applications via uni-assist.

2. Plan Your Application

Check Program Requirements

After you have confirmed that your university accepts the application through uni-assist, go to your university’s website to find out your prospective study program admission requirements and admission dates (start date and deadline). Only shortlist a program if you meet the requirements check the admission. Do this for every university and study program you want to apply to.

To start your application through uni-assist you must have already finalized the universities you wish to apply to. Some universities application starts earlier than others so manage accordingly.

VPD or Standard Process?

There are two ways to apply to a German university through uni-assist. One is standard procedure while the other is a preliminary review check known as VPD (Vorprüdungsdokumentation). If your prospective university needs just a VPD, you must apply to get a VPD certificate and send it to the university as required. For the standard procedure, uni assists evaluate your application for the universities. After a positive evaluation, they automatically forward your application to the universities in electronic form. The university will then decide and let you know of your admission or rejection. To plan your application you should check for information on deadlines and processing times and also read notes on special application processes at uni-assist website.

3. Collect Your Documents

Collect the documents required by the university as digital and paper copies. You should also check documents and information country by country at uni-assist because some countries have special document requirements. If your document is not in English or German you must get it translated to English or German by a court-certified translator. German universities require certified copies of certificates and translations. Lastly, you would need to upload digital copies of your application documents and send the hard copies via courier.

4. Register and Apply via Uni-Assist Application Portal

Make sure the applications of your prospective university are open. Once you have all the required documents ready, you should register yourself at the uni-assist application portal “My assist”. When you are done with the registration you will be provided a uni-assist applicant number, follow the steps below after registering at “My assist”.

  • Fill in the online form.
  • Select your university and study program provided in the form.
  • Answer all questions asked after you have selected the study program.
  • Upload the required documents only once and name each document clearly either in German or English.

5. Pay Application(s) Fee

Pay the fee to uni-assist for the processing and evaluation of your application documents. As of now, uni-assist charges 75 euro for your first desired course of study in an application semester, which includes evaluation of education certificates and checking further admission criteria. For each additional study program you wish to apply to in the same semester, a fee of 30 euro is charged. You can either pay it via credit card or bank transfer. 

Note: A few universities pay the handling fee on students’ behalf, check if it applies to you at

6. Send Application and Track

Once you have submitted the online application fee, and

Once you have successfully submitted your application via the online portal “My assist” and paid the handling fee, it’s time to send your documents via post. Uni-assist requires you to send documents via post, too. Therefore, you must send the certified copies of your document to uni-assist via post.

Note: Your application evaluation process starts only when you have submitted your application via my-assist , paid the fee and send application documents via post. You need to send the general documents only once even if you have applied to multiple universities or courses. 

You will receive a confirmation by email once you have paid the fee and submitted the documents. The complete processing of your application will take about 4 to 6 weeks. You can check the status of your application using your “My assist” account through the application overview on the left-hand menu. The status will only change once the uni-assist has processed your application completely.  As soon as they are done processing your application, they will inform you of the evaluation result by e-mail and by post.

Note: If they found any document missing they will ask you to submit it before the application deadline to process your application.

Table of Contents

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