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Don't worry about insurances.

We teamed up with a real expert in the field. MAWISTA is one of the leading insurance providers for international students and expats in Germany. 

If you get public health insurance via us we will refund your expenses for the MAWISTA incoming/travel insurance if you arrive in Germany within 30 days before your enrollment.

German travel / incoming insurance for international students

(For people up to 64 years old)

German travel / incoming insurance for international students

To get a student visa it is required that you have at least 90 days of coverage. So in any case you should book the travel insurance for up to 92 days if you want to get a visa. However when booking it now your incoming/travel insurance will be valid for up to 12 months in case your visa gets rejected at first try. And when you finally make it to Germany and the time between your arrival and the beginning of your studies is less than the days you booked you can reclaim the contribution from MAWISTA.

Here is an example on how to get your incoming/travel insurance for free:

  1. You book incoming/travel insurance for up to 92 days for your visa application
  2. You get the confirmation and have 12 months time to visit the embassy and obtain your visa
  3. You arrive in Germany 30 days before your studies start (which is when your public health insurance takes over)
  4. This means you would only have to pay 34€ so you can reclaim 61€ (95€ – 34€) when in Germany.

So if timed smartly you can get it rather cheap or in the case of this example completely free if you also get public health insurance via us and we will refund up to 34€ of your expenses.

German universities accept online enrollment from abroad because of Covid-19. If you have already enrolled online from your home country and got public health insurance via Leazear, you can get your incoming/travel insurance for free. Here is how: You get MAWISTA’s incoming/travel insurance by paying them and when you reach Germany and receive your public health insurance card from our partners, you’ll receive a complete refund from Leazear.


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NOTE: There are plenty of other travel or incoming insurance providers worldwide. However your insurance must meet certain requirements of the Schengen-visa in order to be accepted by the German embassy and to get your visa. MAWISTA’s incoming/travel insurance does meet all the requirements and they have a lot of experience with internationals and that’s why we recommend it.

Quick and easy online application.

For the refund deal:
Choose a health insurance provider and when filling the form make sure to click the checkbox
“Yes, I got incoming/travel insurance via Leazear!”


Everything you need to get your visa for studying in Germany.


You need admission at a university to get the German student visa. Leazear's experts will guide you to prepare for successful university applications.


A German student health insurance increases the chances of getting a visa and is necessary to enroll at your chosen university in Germany. You can get it fast and easy online via us.


The 'proof of sufficient financial means' is one requirement for the German student visa. A blocked account is an easy and proven solution for that.


Get answers to your questions right away.

Leazear refunds up to 34€ of your incoming/ travel insurance. If you also get health insurance via us and you arrive within 30 days before your studies start in Germany your travel insurance will be free. The refund will be paid to your German bank account when your studies and the student health insurance start.


To get a German student visa you will have to fulfil many requirements and show confirmations. Travel /incoming insurance and a German health insurance are two of those requirements.

At latest you will need a health insurance confirmation at the time of your enrollment at the German university.

No, Leazear is a Germany based company that creates digital solutions for international students. However we work with partner companies, like insurance providers. The insurance contract will be between you and the provider – we just bring you together. For this mediation service we get a financial compensation from our partners.

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