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Travel Insurance is mandatory for the German student visa. You can get it online from Leazear in minutes and maybe even for Free*.

Other names for travel insurance:

Travel insurance is also known as incoming, travel medical or travel health insurance. So, don’t get confused.

Germany is an attractive place for many international students and around 100,000 students come to Germany every year (except Covid-19 years). These students from all around the world lack a lot of important information when applying for a student visa and entering Germany. They have to navigate through complex bureaucracy to settle smoothly after arrival. This article is part of the visa and entering to German process, where I’ll be explaining the travel insurance, its requirements for a German student visa, its importance and how to get one.

You may be eligible to get

Free Travel Insurance from Leazear

and I am sure this will keep you curious, how to get it. Let’s understand what it’s all about.

Germany cares about the health of its residents and that’s why it has one of the best health insurance systems in the world. There are certain laws in place for the healthcare of locals and internationals in Germany. Health insurance is part of the healthcare system and by law, everyone must get German health insurance.

What is German Travel Insurance?

German travel insurance is medical insurance for travelers coming to Germany. It covers you for emergency health situations when entering Germany until they get proper German health insurance. You cannot get travel insurance from any provider. Your travel insurance must be in compliance with German law. I will be explaining the requirements later in this article.

Requirements of Travel Insurance For a German Student Visa:

Your travel insurance provider must cover the following to be eligible to apply for a student visa.

  • The duration of the travel insurance must be at least 3 months (92 days) from the start date of the travel
  • A minimum coverage of €30,000
  • It must valid for all the Schengen countries, not only Germany
  • It must cover all the medical expenses required by the Schengen States Consular Representations w.e.f 1st August 2016

Leazear’s Partner Travel Insurance Coverage

Our partner travel insurance is a renowned name in Germany and cover all of the above with extras and accepted by all German embassies and consulates. The following is the coverage of Leazear’s partner, Mawista Travel Insurance for international students:

  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Outpatient treatment by a physician
  • Inpatient treatment in a hospital
  • Medication prescribed by a physician
  • Medical aids such as walking aids or wheelchair
  • Transport costs to the nearest suitable hospital
  • Repatriation to home country

German Student Visa and Travel Insurance Validity

Initially from your home country, you’ll get a 3 months visa to enter Germany and do the necessary steps e.g. city registration center. Afterward, you can only extend your visa at the Foreigners’ office (Auslanderbahörde) of your city in person once you have completed the necessary requirements e.g. health insurance certificate, home address registration, university enrolment certificate, etc. You will only need a short-term travel insurance plan valid for at least 3 months (92 days), which will cover you for the initial period of your stay until you settle in Germany.

Can I Get Free Travel Insurance For German Student Visa?

Leazear offers free travel insurance to international students who fulfil certain criteria. In short, words, when you apply for any of the top 3 Governmental health insurances like TK, Barmer and DAK through the Leazear website and enrol at your prospective German university within 30 days we will refund your expenses for the travel insurance. If the number of days between your arrival in Germany and enrollment is less than 15 days, along with free travel insurance you will get a bonus as well.

Do I get a bonus if I get my travel insurance from my home country and get public health insurance from Leazear?

Yes, if you get your travel insurance from your home country and applied for public health on Leazear website. You can get a bonus* of upto €34.

All this has been explained in this article German Free Travel Insurance and Bonus for International Students applying for a German student visa. We want to make sure you are well prepared for Germany and make no mistakes to get accepted on the first try. Please check out the detailed plan of German Free Travel Insurance and Bonus for International Students.

Cost of German Travel Health Insurance for International Students 

If you are applying for some other travel insurance other than Leazear, you must know its cost. The costs of travel insurance for Germany are not fixed. Different providers have different prices. However, the cost generally depend on the following factors.:

  1. Age: Travel insurance companies tend to charge more the older you are.
  2. Length of your trip: Since you’re traveling to Germany for a long term period. Therefore, you will only need travel insurance till your arrival in Germany. This will be replaced by the German health insurance before enrolling at the university admission office.
  3. Coverage limits: Despite there being a minimum coverage limit, there is not a maximum coverage limit. More the coverage of insurance the higher the price. Hence, we advise students to choose minimum coverage required by the German Embassy/Consulate for a student visa to reduce the cost of travel insurance. 

It is important to note that not every travel insurance provides the above coverage and only a few are accepted by the German embassies. However, Leazear will provide you with the best plan for travel and health insurance, so you can sit back and relax. Let us do the tricky procedures and make your journey to Germany as smooth as possible. Moreover, you can apply online for travel insurance with us and it is accepted by all German embassies and consulates.

How to Apply For Travel Insurance Online?

You can visit Leazear travel insurance, click on Get Travel Insurance and fill the form. Check your email where you would have received your travel insurance certificate just in seconds. You can submit this certificate at any German embassy or consulate with other required documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply For a German Student Visa Without Travel Insurance?

Unfortunately, you cannot. To obtain a German student visa, international students are supposed to have a travel insurance cover when entering Germany. Travel insurance is a must and required by all German embassies and consulates. International students must provide proof of travel insurance to obtain a German study visa.

Difference Between German Travel and Health Insurance

No, it’s the same and you cannot use your travel insurance as a substitute for student health insurance in Germany.

Travel insurance is only valid from your start date of travel till you get enrolled at a German university. You’ll need German health insurance for enrollment at a German university and a resident permit (student visa extension after arrival in Germany). Therefore, you must get both German travel and health insurance before you arrive in Germany. If you get a health insurance certificate before arrival which we highly recommend, it will only start from the date of enrollment. You can contact us for any further queries and we would be happy to assist you.

How long does it take to get Travel Insurance from Leazear

It’s a matter of seconds. As soon as you complete the form, you’ll get the certificate on your email address right away.

Can I get travel on weekend or any other time from Leazear?

Yes, our system is digital and you apply any time and including non-office hours and weekends. As soon as you fill the form, you’ll get the certificate on your email address that you can provide as a proof at the German embassy or consulate.

If I change my travel date, do I need to change the travel date on the certificate?

You don’t need to, our partner’s travel insurance is valid for one year and your first day is counted as the date of travel. If you still want to change it, you should contact us via our contact us page.

If I have more questions, where can I ask?

For travel insurance and health insurance we only answer by email. You can contact us any time via contact us page and someone from the student success team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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